When food really nourishes us, we are healthy physically, cognitively, emotionally and especially love eating.

And we look good. Beauty is Health.

Local, seasonal food grown in holistic, diverse farms produce wellbeing and health on all levels. We are adapted to the foods our ancestors ate and the climate and place we live in. True health comes from local, real food

When food is nourishing there is no need to be taking handfuls of supplements.

FOOD AS HEALING Nutrition Therapy

Listening to the body keeps the body healthy. Learning to be aware of and honor cravings, tastes and the way different foods make you feel develops life long health. The more you understand the more it becomes a way of life. This has got to be easy and fit into individual lifestyles to work.

WORKING TOGETHER, APPOINTMENTS Initial session is about 2 hours. In the beginning we focus on nourishing the body and organs, balancing blood sugar throughout the day, better sleep, balanced emotions, improved energy and most of all begin healing the gut/digestion and organs of elimination liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, colon.

Most people are very malnourished - even people that are overweight. Most people have blood sugar, emotions and energy spiking and dropping throughout the day. Most people could be sleeping much better.

Emails and texting in regards to info and responses to food/sleep/emotions are necessary and encouraged. There is no charge for email and texting correspondence. Part of all protocols are great resources for all kinds of foods, farms, as well as recipes. Having unlimited email/texting correspondence also helps to speed healing and understanding.
Initial appointment $325

The next VERY IMPORTANT stage/stages are introducing therapeutic grade probiotics. Even if you have been taking probiotics, these protocols will noticeably change the balance of the microbiome of digestion and thus the individual. The body must be nourished enough to begin more targeted protocols such as candida cleansing, thyroid/adrenal balance, metal detoxes, even removal of mercury/silver fillings.  Depending on length of appointment $100 -$250. 

This is when things really start moving to a state of health that most people have never experienced.

Environmental toxins have an enormous effect on hormones and well being - as much is absorbed through the skin and lungs. Help with safe personal care products, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, kitchen equipment and food storage. As the body is more nourished we can begin more detoxing protocols of metals, toxins, parasites. Detoxing is part of all stages and appropriate to the stage of healing. Again email and texting is no charge.

I am trained to diagnose by symptoms, observation and responses as well as labs. While lab testing is a great tool, I find amazing improvement with most people just working with food. Having a new client spend money on expensive  labs in the beginning doesn't make sense. If it becomes necessary we can always order labs or your physician can. Bring, email last and any current bloodwork, testing, labs.
I encourage working with a like minded physician during this protocol. Especially in regards to current use/need of any pharmaceuticals and diagnostic testing (labs/imaging/protocols). 


Studying ancestral cultures in relation to their climate, genome and the way they raise, gather and process foods seems to be a perfect way to benefit modern culture. We are talking about thousands of years of record and experience, rather than one subjective study or the latest book.

If you are healthy - which means good digestion, consistent emotional wellbeing, good energy, easy balanced weight, deep delicious sleep, not needing alcohol/drugs to relax or sleep, luxurious hair and skin, allergy free, strong muscles, good memory and cognitive ability, healthy endocrine system, healthy menses, menopause and prostate, strong consistent sex drive - then your diet is working for you..

You don't know how good you can feel until you feel it.


In Europe vegetarianism began in the monasteries where there were groups of men living together. It was always known that eating plant based diets decreased sexual desire.

A important ancestral vegetarian culture is Ayurveda that has worked out foods, spices and processes over many centuries. And of course abundant grass fed dairy and ghee, fermented foods, extraordinary herbs and spices. Food cultures evolve in their climates. Tropical peoples will have very different nutritional needs and genetics than people living in cold northern climates. Many American vegetarians don't have the food wisdom that someone growing up in Ayurvedic tradition finds automatic,  leading to many chronic diseases and nutritional deficiencies. Never have humans eaten such high carbohydrate diets as modern Americans. You can see the effects by the levels of obesity, autoimmunity, chronic physical and mental illness and rates of cancer (now 50%) Vegetarian diets can be very healing and sustaining when many traditional ideas are put into practice.

There has never been a vegan ancestral culture - it was considered starvation and fed to the poor and outcasts of all societies. Before food was transported from all over the globe and nutritional supplements, being a vegan would not have been possible. Late twentieth century American culture was the beginning of vegan ideas - really in response to factory farming, inhumane livestock practices, chemical farming and corporate food processing.

Food wisdom, before the advent of corporate media, was passed thru families and communities thru the generations. When we do scientific studies to determine effects of foods on the human body we are astonished that non industrial people seem to figure out things that science is validating today in areas of food combining, herbal/natural remedies, food storage and processing, farming, hunting, fishing, foraging, preparing families for pregnancy, nutritional needs of children.

Factory farmed (whether conventional or organic) of anything including fruit, nut and vegetable farming devastates the environment. Good farming practices that protect the flora and fauna are farms that have grazing animals that rotate the fields. Letting fields go fallow and allowing herbivores and fowl to graze, heals and nourishes the soil. Eating seasonal food coming from well managed local, holistic, diverse farms that include animals to nourish the soil is some of the best, most nutrient dense, delicious food you can eat.