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A nourishing probiotic blend of coconut oil soap, raw manuka honey (+20), fresh aloe and essential oils restore health and moisture to hair and scalp. This luscious, probiotic treatment is perfect for soothing hair that needs special care everyday or every once in a while.

RAW HONEY SOAP SHAMPOO moisturizes dry, damaged, over processed hair. Probiotics and the miraculous healing power of raw Manuka and wild honeys heal scalp conditions putting a stop to flaking or itching and promoting fuller, healthier hair growth.


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Turn bottle to mix ingredients. Pour directly on wet hair. Expect lots of lather. Coatings from previous products and hard water may depress lather. With each shampoo, your hair will feel smoother, more detoxified, shinier. With each shampoo it will lather more.
Rinse out with clear water.

Best to always follow soap shampoos with RAW FLOWERS RINSES (LAVENDERROSEHIBISCUS TONIC).

If you want to use a cream conditioner it can be used after rinsing out RAW FLOWER RINSE. We all find that by using REAL SOAP SHAMPOOS, RAW FLOWER RINSES, TONICSHEALING HAIR OILS there is no need for commercial cream conditioners.

REAL SOAP SHAMPOOS are alkaline. The hair will feel squeaky clean or even sticky after rinsing during the transitional period of detoxing coatings. Using a RAW FLOWER RINSE before and after shampooing will help to detoxify hair sooner. If you have very hard water (hard water minerals will coat shower heads with white powders) it is worth it to look into a filtering or water conditioning system. Radiant Life(affiliate link?)

Coconut oil soap, raw manuka honey (+20), raw wild honey, aloe, essential oils

all organic, wildcrafted, cold pressed

One dollar return on all bottles at the salon/email for shipping info return bottles. Packaged in recycled glass to protect the formula and ELIMINATE plastic (estrogenic) exposure..