Ancient herbal remedies really work to fill out sparse brows, restore health and shine.. actually nourishing eyebrows and lashes. Smooth, glossy brows that lie flat on the skin and extend to the outer edge of the eye. Eyelashes that grow thick and long. Darkening and restoring color to faded  brows and lashes. Restoring vibrant health from the inside out, this balm gives the most important feature of your face rich, beautiful definition.

 This balm also makes a great base under makeup for eyebrow powders and pencils.


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Massage small amount into eyebrows and eyelashes. You will see a difference pretty quickly in the look of the brows and eyelashes. It doesn't take too long to see new hair growth so use Brow Balm regularly. Continued use will also resist microorganisms that can also hamper hair growth.

black seed, coconut, olive, castor oils
All organic,wildcrafted cold pressed


keep out of direct sunlight/use within 6 months of opening

One dollar return on all bottles/jars at the salon/email for shipping info return bottles. Packaged in recycled glass to protect the formula and ELIMINATE plastic (estrogenic) exposure..