Xeno estrogens are everywhere. These are synthetic estrogens used in products and plastics  that most of us use everyday. Chemicals in personal care products are absorbed thru skin and lungs. It is no wonder that estrogen driven illnesses are epidemic.

Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, cleansers, shaving creams, deodorants are important parts of our everyday experience. Anything we use everyday is having an impact on our health and beauty.

Is your shampoo a detergent? Is it made from petroleum or synthetic chemicals? Or is it real soap? What actually are ALL the ingredients?  Or maybe you think its organic but its actually  mixtures of natural ingredients called "organic" AND chemicals?  Products that are used on your hair go all over your skin when you wash hair in the shower. Skin and lungs absorb chemicals in seconds. This is especially important if you have hormone imbalances like PMS, difficult menopause, thyroid, adrenal issues, fertility issues, autoimmunity or cancer.

What about the plastic bottle?

How long has the product been sitting in plastic on a store shelf? Can you even see what the ingredients look like? If you cannot see the ingredients in the bottle it is difficult to see if formulas are still good and healthy.  And chemicals and dyes used to make plastic containers absorb easily into liquids and creams. 

A simple way of avoiding these toxins is to use glass and buy products that are packaged in glass.

Artisan makers that care about their formulations will always use a natural container - glass being by far the favorite.

RAW HONEY SOAP SHAMPOO  in glass bottles

RAW HONEY SOAP SHAMPOO in glass bottles

Humans have been using glass for thousands of years. Glass is the most amazing material. Beautiful to look at and perfect for storing so many things. Glass doesn't change the ingredients within. I notice products retain their natural fragrance and last longer in glass. 

Does glass break? Maybe, but when you get used to using glass - it become effortless and easy. And such a pleasure to use.


I also love using wooden boxes as containers. Lined with beeswax. Beeswax has naturally occurring anti bacterial/anti fungal properties, adding another layer of protection and healing for products like RAW HONEY BALM. And beeswax smells so good. Wooden boxes keep ingredients the same temperature as the air around it - perfect after bathing.

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