If products are made from organic food grade or wildcrafted ingredients then they are safe and organic. There is only regulation and organic certification for food. Manufacturers can say whatever they want.
This is especially problematic for hair dyes. Haircolor is meant to penetrate the skin and hair. Toxins show up in the blood stream in moments and accumulate in tissues. Most companies that say they are producing "organic haircolor" are using the same toxic ingredients that are found in conventional haircolor. Merely adding a few "organic" ingredients to an otherwise toxic mix. True for all kinds of hair color - permanent, semi-permanent, rinses, glazes, bleaches. Studies coming out of Europe are showing 87% breast cancer/ 70% ovarian cancer rates in women that use conventional haircolor regularly.

So what to do for haircolor?

We use formulations that cover gray easily, have beautiful varied, translucent tones. And above all safe. Safe permanent hair color is simply medical grade 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with a plant material that imparts color and dyes the hair. For instance for brown hair the plant is black walnut.. For blonde - chamomile, and so on.. These permanent hair colors are long lasting. The same depth of tones, found naturally in hair creates the easiest, most flattering hair color. Tones are colors found in nature - not the purple, pink tones or flat dark colors of commercial hair dyes.  Nice not to worry about haircolor discoloring in the sun. Our botanical colors look even better after being in the sun and exposed to the elements.

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