Butter from cows grazing on pasture is always yellow.

Butter from cows grazing on pasture is always yellow.

During winter times we all crave more fats. Fats keep us warmer and provide nutrients needed for cold weather and days with less sunlight. In nutrition therapy, listening to these cravings is what keeps us healthy.

Dry hair and skin can change overnight when we eat more fats.


Humans have been eating butter for thousands of years. There are even cultures that place butter on their altars for worship. Paradise is the land of milk and honey. Look to our ancestors for the fats that they used in their kitchens before processed foods. Eat local.

Butter from cows, sheep and goats living outside, grazing on pasture, is a superfood. Fat from milk, the cream, becomes both butter and ghee. When butter/cream is raw, not pasteurized, it has naturally occurring probiotics and live enzymes. When cream ferments or cultures, it becomes sour cream with even more probiotics and enzymes. Most of us will find cream, butter and ghee very easy to digest and most delicious.


Fats heal the gut, moisturize hair and skin, feed and sharpen the brain, calm sugar cravings, optimize fertility, calm children, stabilizes blood sugar and gives us energy... Fats make food satisfying and delicious. If hair and skin is dry it is not about drinking more water. It is in the ability of the body to hold water in the cells and how well the cells are nourished with fats and nutrients. You can feel a difference in hair and skin within hours by eating more fat.




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IMPORTANT If you are on any pharmaceutical medication always consult with your doctor as food can be very powerful. 

If you have been eating a low fat diet, start very slowly adding more fats. The ability to break down and absorb fat depends on how well your digestion, gall bladder and liver are working. Always work with a functional medicine physician/ practitioner. 

As with all new foods start with small amounts and see how you feel. Die off reactions (Herxheimer reaction) can happen with a change in diet or the introduction of new ingredients. Allow the body time to detox and adjust. Work with a functional physician/ practitioner. Go slow.

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