When I ask nutrition clients which foods they crave, by far chocolate is the one I hear the most.

Cocoa, Cacao, luscious Chocolate.  

Craving chocolate is a sign of magnesium deficiency. 

Cacoa has lots of magnesium which is one reason we crave chocolate. This particular combination of superfoods in Hot Buttered Chocolate provide a synergistic blend of nutrients perfect to soothe and nourish.  Magnesium relaxes muscles and thoughts. Fat from grass fed butter/cream feeds the brain and nervous system. Maple Syrup is packed with minerals especially iron and manganese . Gelatin heals the gut and provides protein. The deliciousness of chocolate makes us very happy. Delicious and happy is listening to our body.

Hot Buttered Chocolate is a soothing hot drink for cold mornings. Children and adults alike love hot chocolate. In many traditional cultures, cacoa is what everyone drinks in the morning.  Adults will find cacoa as satisfying as coffee, especially when its not sweet. 

So nourishing and fun to have lots of good chocolate rather than taking magnesium/mineral supplements.

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2 heaping teaspoons raw cacoa powdered (organic)

 2 teaspoons grass-fed  gelatin 

1 tablespoon grass-fed cream

1 tsp - 1 tablespoon maple syrup (organic, dark)

1 teaspoon yellow grass-fed butter

pinch himalayan pink salt to taste

Bring 8 oz real spring water to a boil. Turn heat down to simmer. Add raw cacoa and gelatin. Whisk to combine. Add cream and maple syrup. Warm to desired taste. Whisk. Melt butter on the top. Pinch of salt. YUM

as with all ingredients adjust amounts to taste.. especially sweetness and fat. Add more cream if it tastes good.  Let what tastes good determine what your body needs. The combinations of fats and simple sugars will  balance blood sugar, so make it as sweet as tastes good. 

IMPORTANT If you are on any pharmaceutical medication always check with your doctor as these foods can be very powerful. Chocolate can exacerbate any viral infections such as herpes, shingles,  EBV, etc. Always check with your physician.

As with all new foods start with small amounts and see how you feel. Die off reactions (Herxheimer reaction) can happen with a change in diet or the introduction of new ingredients. Allow the body time to detox and adjust. Work with a functional physician/ practitioner. Go slow.

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