There is a reason we crave warm, fragrant drinks during winter times.  

Turmeric Butter Tea is the perfect sweet and satisfying hot drink for the mornings. Many of us don't feel like having a meal in the early part of the morning, so this drink is perfect.  Supplies fats, protein and simple sugars, making the ingredients, especially turmeric, more bioavailable. Warms the body. Great for anyone with adrenal, thyroid imbalances. Try this drink for anxiety. Or in the evenings to help with sleep. For any malady caused by inflammation, even helps pain.

These superfood ingredients combined, are astonishingly healing. Detoxing the liver while balancing many different body systems. Highly anti-inflammatory. Great for blood sugar balance and metabolism. Great for the brain. For the joints. Healing to the gut and digestion. These spices are being  studied extensively for dementia, diabetes and cancer.

Maple syrup is an amazing superfood, abundant in minerals. Just because it is sweet, does not mean it isn't packed with nutrition. The combination of fats from cream and butter with a simple sugars (maple syrup) will balance blood sugar levels and supply glucose to the adrenals and liver. Always adjust the amount of maple syrup so that tastes it delicious. Delicious is listening to our bodies.

It is so much easier to get superfood spices in foods as part of our daily fare rather than handfuls of supplements. Traditional cultures have always known the healing value and beauty of red, yellow and brown spices. Delicious food heals and keeps us healthy.


1 teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon ceylon (true) cinnamon

1 teaspoon ginger

1/2 teaspoon clove

1/8 teaspoon black pepper

2 teaspoon grass fed gelatin powder 

1 tablespoon grass fed cream

1 teaspoon grass fed butter

1 tsp - 1 tablespoon maple syrup (dark, organic)

Use dried ground organic spices. Bring 8 oz real spring water to a boil in a saucepan. Turn down heat to simmer. Add spices and gelatin. Use a whisk to combine. Let simmer for a few minutes, add cream. Warm to individual taste. Whisk. Add maple syrup to taste. Add butter so that it melts on the top.

No need to strain. Spices will settle on the bottom so that you can add more hot water and cream to have another cup.

Using turmeric as a base, try variations of cardamom, anise, coriander, vanilla, fennel, mace, nutmeg. Turmeric rounds out the flavor of any spice.

IMPORTANT If you are on any pharmaceutical medication always check with your doctor as these spices are very powerful.  

As with all new foods start with small amounts and see how you feel. Die off reactions (Herxheimer reaction) can happen with a change in diet or the introduction of new ingredients. Allow the body time to detox and adjust. Work with a functional physician/ practitioner. Go slow.

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